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I need help on email


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  • KC George

    Hi Miguel,

    Please follow the instructions in the article Email Notification via WordPress

    Please keep in mind that the WordPress option of sending out email notifications use WordPress' default mail sending feature called 'PHP Mail'. Some web hosts like GoDaddy do not enable this WordPress feature and hence, this option would not work for GoDaddy customers. Please ensure your webhost permits PHP Mail.

    PHP Mail has some limitations that make it less popular than other email sending options.

    • Deliverability issues: The PHP mail relies on the local mail server configuration, which can result in emails being flagged as spam or rejected by some email providers. This can cause deliverability issues¬†and make it difficult to ensure that emails are being delivered to recipients.
    • Lack of authentication: This function does not support SMTP authentication.¬†
    • Security concerns: This function can be vulnerable to email injection attacks, where an attacker can inject additional headers into the email message, potentially compromising the security of the email system.

    If you are unable to receive emails in your inbox through the WordPress option, please get back to us.


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