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Can't login

An account with the email you are using might not exist.

Please make sure you use the correct email that you've used when creating the account. Keep in mind that when you purchase one of our products we auto-create an account under the email used on the payment process.

Can't reset password

Your email doesn’t exist in our database or you didn't receive the Password Recovery email.

I didn’t received the password recovery email

In some cases when you have a custom domain email (like '') your mail server may block our email services we use.

Check the SPAM and Promotions folders. If it’s still not there, we'll reset the password manually for you.

- we’ll need to know your account email, send it to us
- if you're not sure what email you've used, please send us other possible emails to minimize communication time, or if you are a Brizy PRO customer, send us your Order ID.

I’ve paid but don’t see the PRO in my account

You can’t see Brizy PRO into your account because it’s possible we didn’t receive payment confirmation yet, that can take a bit. Or you have multiple accounts and you are logged into the wrong one.

Products are added into your account based on the email used when you’ve purchased Brizy PRO.

If we have an account with the email you give us, we’ll add the products in that account.

If there is no account with the email used in the checkout process, we will create one automatically and send you the details.

If you have multiple accounts and want to delete or merge them, please contact us.

Billing, Taxes, Invoices

All payments are processed by our partner Paddle, a 3rd party secure payment processor (one of the best in the world). We (Brizy) don’t store or collect any sensitive information like Credit card, PayPal addresses and so on. We don’t have control and can’t change anything about payments, taxes, and invoices. We leave that to professional partner Paddle.

All questions regarding billing, taxes or invoices should be sent directly to with us in CC along with your order ID or email that you’ve used on checkout.

Where can I add invoice details?

Our partner Paddle, sends payment confirmation on every purchase so you should receive an email from them once the payment is processed and completed.

In that email, you'll find a link [View Invoice] where you can add invoice details.

Upgrade Your Brizy PRO Plan

For upgrade please contact us along with Paddle order ID or your Brizy account email used in the checkout process. We’ll get back with a payment link that will let you pay only the difference.

You don’t recognize the payment?

If you did not pay for a Brizy PRO product and you think someone else got your Credit card info or PayPal credentials, please contact us immediately before opening a dispute with PayPal or your bank (,

We can get you your money back faster (1-2 days) via a refund. Disputes usually take up to 60 days to resolve, even more.

Send us some screenshots that may help us identify the order.

Cancel my recurring subscription

In order to stop or cancel the recurring profile you have with us (applies only on Personal & Studio plans) please send us your Brizy account email or Paddle order ID.


We are operating under a 30 days money-back guarantee policy, so If you’re not satisfied with Brizy we’ll issue a full refund. We only ask for your feedback and the reason you are asking for a refund. This will help us improve Brizy going forward.

If you are asking for a refund because of an error, maybe address this with our support team. A lot of times there is conflict between themes, plugins or other 3rd party you are using and the error is not Brizy related.

Transaction older than 60 days cannot be refunded by the payment processor. In this case, if your refund still complies with our terms, send us your PayPal address or Payoneer, and we’ll send the refund.

Refunds are not instant. It may take a few days or weeks.

Send us the email of your Brizy account or your Paddle Order ID.

If I change my mind, can I buy again?

Yes, but if you’ve purchased with a promotional code the first time, you’ll not get the same deal.

For feature requests please add them here: Feature Requests

Stay up to date with what is in the works on our public Roadmaps:
- for Brizy WordPress - Brizy Public Roadmap
- for Brizy Cloud - Brizy Cloud Public Roadmap

I have a problem with an Integration

Before contacting us, please be sure to debug properly and give us as much detail as possible about your issue. This will help us solve your issue faster.

Make sure the problem is Brizy related. Deactivate the integration you are using and check if the problem persists. The problem might be related to the 3rd party service (Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, etc). It might be a good idea to check with their support as well before contacting us.

I want to request an Integration

You can request a contact form integration here: Feature Requests

Note that we can’t accommodate all requests, not in a reasonable time anyway. In the majority of cases the services you want to integrate offer an iframe that you can copy/paste directly in Brizy using the Embed element. This element supports iframes, HTML, JS.

If you are using Brizy WordPress, the service you want to integrate might offer a WordPress plugin that you can install and use with Brizy via the Shortcode element.

Is Brizy compatible with …?

It’s almost impossible for us to check every 3rd party integration, or plugin or theme (in case of Brizy WordPress) to see if they work.

You can check our community on Facebook, we have a bunch of members that tested and work with a lot of services our there and they can help.

If you are using Brizy Cloud you can try it for free (no account needed) and see if what you want to do with the builder can be done.

If you are using Brizy WordPress, you can download the Brizy Free WP plugin and do the tests on your own.

Is Brizy compatible with …?

Please post a question about it on our Facebook community or you can always test it yourself with the Brizy Free WP plugin.

Here is a list of recommended themes that work well with Brizy:

You can just download and use our Brizy Starter Theme, that is stripped down to the bone and optimized for speed.

Or ultimately you can go for the default WP Theme.

Having an issue with a theme or a plugin?

Follow these steps before sending a support request:

- do a back up first
- update Brizy to the latest version
- deactivating other plugins
- switch your current theme to the default WordPress theme

Without your collaboration to debug, deactivate plugins, lack of details to reproduce the bug or without login credentials and FTP if needed, it usually takes a lot longer to help you.

- It’s most likely a conflict with another plugin or with a script inserted within the theme (do a back up first and then switch to the default WP theme and deactivate all plugins except Brizy to see if this is the problem.)

- Check the server environment: php version; php memory limit - link catre Video Youtube Brizy requirements

- Make sure that the Site Address (URL) is the same as the WordPress Address (URL)

- Disable any AdBlockers you have in your Browsers. Ad blockers slow Brizy down

- Try different browsers, you might have an addon in your browser that prevents Brizy from loading

Check with your hosting company, and tell them the following:
- to increase the timeout value on your server and database encoding
- the X frame restrictions - X-Frame-Options should be changed from DENY to SAMEORIGIN

Only for Brizy WordPress users. Before submitting a ticket, please:

- Check if you installed the latest Brizy plugin versions in your dashboard
- Check Brizy requirements
- Disabled all installed Plugins
- Changed your theme to a default Wordpress Theme
- Ask your hosting provider to send the php error_logs file. Or you can find some instructions here

If you are using Brizy Cloud

Brizy doesn’t have analytics and doesn’t store the user’s data. However, you can add analytics and other 3rd services that need to be GDPR compliant.

You can add a cookie banner with customized consent language and a link to your policies using external services like (ex:

You need to create a Privacy Policy that informs visitors about when and how you collect data. In addition, you must comply with your site-visitors' requests to receive a copy of their data that is processed on your site.

Get consent to send marketing emails. For example, you can add a disclaimer next to your 'Subscribe' button informing your site-visitors that clicking the button will subscribe them to your marketing campaigns or by adding a mandatory checkbox next to your 'Subscribe' button, letting your site-visitors to check-the-box to confirm consent before subscribing.

For Google Fonts you can upload via Brizy Custom Fonts.

If you are using Brizy WordPress

There are a lot of GDPR plugins for WordPress that you can use. One example is GDPR Cookie Consent.

When can I expect a response?

Our support team operates weekdays (Monday through Friday) from 9 am to 11 pm Eastern European Summer Time (EEST). We strive to reply to requests within 2 business days and to resolve tickets as quickly as possible.


Submit a request

Please enter the details of your request. A member of our support staff will respond as soon as possible.

Add file or drop files here

    Bug Report:
    - make sure you are on the latest updates of Brizy;
    - deactivate all your other plugins before testing;
    - give us your WordPress login to solve your issue faster.

    Account & Payments Issue:
    - we’ll need the Order ID of your purchase and/or the email used to purchase Brizy.

    Still can't find an answer? Submit your ticket, and try to describe your issue in the most detailed way possible, so our support team knows how to help you. We strongly recommend you to backup your website before contacting the support. Please describe your issue with as many details as possible (links, screenshots, examples and credentials to your admin panel if needed).