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Header Movement Issues



  • KC George

    Hi Lamont,

    Global blocks on your Brizy website can automatically shift positions if this scenario is present.

    1. You have a regular block above the global header
    2. You have a regular block below the global footer

    You can prevent global blocks from automatically altering its positions on your Brizy page by setting up your global blocks and regular blocks according to the following best practice. The top and bottom of your page must have one or a few global blocks, while the blocks in between must all be regular. For instance,

    1. Make both the header and footer global if the header is your first block and the footer is your last block, and the other blocks must all be regular.
    2. Blocks located above the global header and below the global footer must also be global.

    Please get in touch with us if you are unable to resolve the issue following the above instructions. We'll support you.

  • Lamont Wilkins

    Hi KC George,

    Thank you kindly for the reply and direction here. I followed your steps and it seems to be working so far, which is fantastic. Happy to finally have this issue resolved. Appreciate the help and guidance.

    Have a great day.



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