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SSL Issue



  • Nelea

    Hi David,

    Thank you for the video.

    In order that the SSL should be generated, you should have the DNS setting from the project set correctly.You did not set up correctly the DNS setting from your project. You have the CNAME  red, you should have it green. Also, you should set up the A record. Please check those two articles about how to set up correctly the DNS settings : 


    CNAME: Could you please, check this article and follow all these steps to set up the A record?

    These fields should be green if everything has been set up correctly:

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    Best regards, Nelea.

  • David Patterson

    So it looks like our client put the record in correctly and we are not using the method that needs the a record so I am not sure why this error is happening. Here is a screen shot of the record.

  • KC George

    Hi David,

    To restore your SSL certificate, please follow these additional steps

    • Please turn off DNS Proxy for your CNAME Record. When you're finished, it should look like this.

    • Please delete your subdomain and add it again. The SSL certificate will be reinstated after 30 minutes.

  • David Patterson

    Awesome that worked. Thank you.


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