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Our pop-up video doesn`t play whenever plugins are updated



  • KC George

    Hi Steven,

    The video appears playing at my end. Please see the screen recording here.

    Are you saying that the video is not auto playing? If you enable auto play, the video will play muted. Since you have added a cover, when the user clicks on the play button, the video plays with audio. 

  • Natalia Chitoroaga

    Hi Steven,

    That's strange. The video is not working at my end. I would like to take a look at this issue from the backend.

    Therefore, I will create an issue, with your permission.

    Thank you!


  • Steven Orlosky

    Hello KC, 

    I do not mean auto play. The video is actually playing since we have not yet updated any plugin in our Wordpress site for Ben Hur. What I mean is that, if we update any plugin for that site, the video will not play.  I`m sorry by the way for the vague statement we sent earlier this response.

    Thank you so much!

    Hi Natalia,
    Thanks for that! Okay you may. Do you need our login details?



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