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Timeline element not really working for mobiles



  • Nelea Stanila

    Hello Charles,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Unfortunately, I could not reproduce the issue you reported, the timeline element works fine in the mobile version, see please here. Can you send us the URL of your website?

    Regards, Nelea.

  • Charles Crossley

    No I can't because I gave up on that option - it was not going to work for me. Sadly the solution I thought I had found does not work either - since I cannot recorder the assets in the post archive. This is a very serious drawback in Brizy Cloud!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nelea Stanila

    Hi Charles,

    Yes, unfortunately, at the moment you cannot reorder the assets in Brizy Cloud. Therefore we have added this option to our future requests.

    Best regards, Nelea.

  • sebastian forst

    I agree that the timeline could use some work. When switching to one-sided mode in tablet and mobile view there is a lot of padding/margin on the left side. I need to move everything by -25% on tablet and -50% on mobile for having decent sized boxes on these two breakpoints.


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