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Posting Full Screen Video on Mobile


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  • Nelea Stanila

    Hi Kevin,

    Mobile browsers don't allow to run video in backgrounds and for this reason, you can't see the background video in the background of your mobile.

    If you will search in the Google "background video on mobile" you will find a lot of article about this and solutions that some people find to overcome this mobile browser rule. (It is the same as the background video sounds - it is the same as a browser restriction) For this, they add some extra code and find a lot of ways to avoid this browser restriction. Therefore,  this isn't a Brizy issue or problem, it is a browser restriction. I will add a feature request to our team to investigate this possibility to add an extra option to avoid somehow this restriction but I can't promise that we will release it very soon because now we are super busy with features, improvements and fixes.
    Let us know if we can help you with something!

    Best regards, Nelea.


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