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Multiple subscriptions don't seem fair


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  • Dimi


    Thanks for your email and for being one of our loyal customer. I understand what you are saying and one thing that I think was our fault (maybe) was that we didn't make it clear enough that the White Label options for Brizy Cloud (this is our SaaS managed builder) were not included in any Lifetime purchase. (I personally feel it was clear, but I can understand why you would think they need to be included). Let me explain in detail. 

    The Lifetime purchase from Brizy gave you:

    For WordPress:

    - unlimited websites,

    - all PRO features

    - lifetime updates

    - lifetime support

    - white label options

    + Access to the Brizy Cloud platform (the retired Studio plan for life with some caveats):

    - unlimited websites in Brizy Cloud

    - link unlimited custom domains with your projects 

    - all pro features

    - BUT only 2 years of hosting on our servers (not sure you know how SaaS businesses work, but each new customer/user/client costs us money every year, servers, maintenance, traffic, etc. So even if we wanted to give unlimited lifetime hosting, that was impossible from the business perspective. In WordPress we don't have that problem that is why there are no problems there in giving lifetime, because WordPress is your hosting, it doesn't cost us anything going forward.)

    - as for the White label options for Brizy Cloud, in the Lifetime you got for Brizy, the Brizy Cloud part was always clear that we include the Studio Cloud plan, and because the White label options came in a another plan when we launched them, they were not included. And they shouldn't have been included because white label in SaaS cloud products it's not just changing a logo to brand it as your own, it requires implementation and dev time on our side for one and also it requires 2 SSL for your domains that mask the whole platform, SSLs that cost around $100 per year. We can't and should not cover the cost for those, al least if we both want Brizy to be around for years to come. 

    So you see, even if it feels unfair, from your point of view, I feel that the problem here probably a communication one, us explaining it better, rather than actually being unfair in the end.

    I think we are among the few that grandfathered in ThemeFuse clients by giving them 2 years of Brizy PRO free when we switched to Brizy, also Brizy customers when we made the changes back in September (in allowing them to get the old Studio plan that was and will be for a long time the best deal in website building). Plus we are always thinking of ways on how to reward our early adopters and loyal customers when we put together deals, launch new features and so on. 

    p.s. not sure you know, and here is another example us caring for our LTD customers, the Agency plan that has the white label options for Brizy Cloud is $499, but for all our LTD customers we created a special exclusive discount of 40% (Every Year) from their account. 

    I hope this gives you some insight. 

    Let me know if I can help with anything else. 


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