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Brizy PRO Studio


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  • Nelea Stanila


    Thank you for getting in touch with us.

    Yes, Brizy Studio Plan was removed from our Brizy Plans, you can not buy it anymore. However, we did an announcement about this change on the Brizy website. This announcement was on the site for 2 months,  also we sent emails regarding the change that we plan to do. 

     Here you can see all the options that were included in Brizy Studio Plan.

     Since you paused the auto-renew of your plan, now you can not renew the Studio Plan because this plan doesn't exist anymore. Now you can only buy another plan when your Studio Plan will end. I'm sorry about this, but for 2 months we announced on the site Brizy website about these changes, we had told that all the users will continue to have access to all PRO features from Brizy WordPress Studio and Brizy Cloud Studio as long as they stay subscribed.  I can suggest only to chouse another plan from our Website.

    Best regards, Nelea.



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