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Brizy Cloud White Label (AppSumo Deal)




  • Dimi from Brizy


    I'm Dimi one of the founders here at Brizy. I've communicated in all the comments on the AppSumo deal last year. Can you please let me know where it says white label will be included ? It's been a while and I think we didn't include it but I was wrong before so ... :)

    What you got with the AppSumo deal is our Cloud Studio plan features for Life (all the PRO features we'll add in the plan), and 3 lifetime hosted domains per AppSumo code you purchased. 

    White label is an agency feature or option usually used by web agencies and needs to be priced accordingly. We can't include that in your AppSumo purchase.

    Let me know. 


  • Encompass Digital

    Hi Dimi,

    Thanks for your reply and thanks for the great job you're doing to build a world-class tool at Brizi.

    We always understood that the Reseller plan would have an additional recurring price and we agree with this.

    However, it was stated before that White Label would be available specifically for AppSumo LTD early adopters.

    Here are the screenshots of some of your comments from the Appsumo deal page, which clearly stated that White Label would be included in the AppSumo plan after it is developed and available.


    (Please note that White label was not going to be included originally, but then you changed your mind after meeting with your management team as shown in the screenshots from the comments above.)

    The AppSumo Description also did not reference "Studio" in the description and we also thought this was a custom offer for AppSumo.

    From the webinars, we've always known you in particular and others in the Brizy team to be transparent, upfront and honest in principle about what will be included and what won't be included which is why this is a bit confusing and surprising given what you stated multiple times in the AppSumo comments.

    We therefore assumed that it was a misunderstanding on our part and reached out for clarity.

    We also want Brizy to grow, develop and thrive in a sustainable way through recurring incoming and agree with the new pricing changes. Every business needs this to drive profits - ours included.

    However, we also hope that what was originally offered and communicated at the time of AppSumo purchase will be acknowledged and honoured as it inevitably influenced the purchase decision of many buyers. 

    White label is indeed an agency feature which is part of the reason why we purchased and patiently waited with the expectation we would be able to eventually use it with our agency after it was developed.

    If it wasn't stated explicitly as guaranteed to be included once developed, we wouldn't be asking about it or wasting your time with this since that is not the way we like to do business.

    Thanks again and we look forward to your feedback on this based on what we have shared above.

  • Dimi from Brizy

    Yes. looks like that is what was promised and needs to be delivered. 

    I stand corrected. Thanks for the screens. 

    We included great value in the AppSumo deal, similar SaaS products usually change a hand and a leg for white label options.  

    Once the changes will be made on the 18th, I'll include an article in the docs related to this to explain the process.


    Just a heads up, there are 2 SSL certificates that you'll need to purchase. Those are needed for the security of your 2 domains that will mask the Brizy Cloud dashboard and sub domains for projects. 

    Those SSL are yearly recurring purchases (around $100/yr, maybe less depending on the offers at the time of purchase). We will purchase those for our clients and manage the SSL for them in the Agency plan, but in the case of AppSumo deal we can't do that, I'm sure you understand why so those will be your responsibility if you want to take advantage of the white label options. (Just to be clear, you'll get only the white label options that were promised, not the Agency plan.)

    We will set everything up to white label your brizy account: dashboard and builder (takes a couple of days, maybe more depending on the volume we have to deal with and the speed with which you are provided the requested info.)

    I've also updated this post in our support to reflect the white label inclusion:

    Just to manage expectations, the white label options doesn't come with unlimited hosted domains in Brizy Cloud that are included in the Agency plan.

    The AppSumo deal has only 3 hosted domains on Brizy's servers (per AppSumo code). In your case that is 15 hosted domains. Anything above that needs to be hosted by you outside Brizy Cloud. You'll be able to create and edit new projects, but the publishing of those projects, custom domain linking, SSL, CDN will be your responsibility and need to happen remotely on your servers, either via our Sync publishing options or 3rd party. 

    All the best. 


  • Encompass Digital

    Hi Dimi,

    Thanks for your reply and clarification. We figured it was a simple misunderstanding and we appreciate you, your professionalism and your integrity as the Team Leader.

    This all makes sense and having to pay $100 for the 2 SSL certificates annually is certainly reasonable.

    Yes, we also know our limit of 15 hosted domains and agree that anything more than that would be our responsibility or switching to a bigger Brizy Cloud plan in the future when needed.

    Finally, please also confirm that unlimited custom subdomains (non-hosted via CNAME as described here: will continue to work in the same way after white-label activation to change the backend domain from "" to something like "".

    We assume that the unlimited subdomains would be unaffected but just wanted to be sure so we can plan ahead.

    We're fans of Brizy and promote it to clients and peers regularly. Out of this respect for all of your great work, this is one of the reasons why we posted this query here more privately instead of the Facebook Group to avoid creating unnecessary noise and keep the conversation professional. 

    Thanks and looking forward to your further feedback about the unlimited subdomains after white-label.

  • Dimi from Brizy

    Yes that is correct on the sub domains part they'll continue to work the same. 

    Glad we sorted it out. 

    All the best. 

  • Encompass Digital

    Hi Dimi,

    Awesome. Yes, thanks again for your help, patience and understanding.

    Take care and keep up the great work at Brizy.



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