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Woocommerce builder



  • Alex

    Hi Robert,

    we are already working on this feature. You can see it on our public roadmap - Dynamic Content WooCommerce 

  • Robert G Bertone

    Sounds great! Thank you, looking forward to the updated pro version of Brizy.

  • Philippe Cuq

    I bought the licence before you guys were ready. But YOU said you will work on customize woocommerce product.

    And YOU changed that.

    I'm were disapointed. I have to use Oxygen, or Elementor ...

    You just care about Brizy cloud. DON'T FORGET YOUR FIRST CUSTOMERS. I have the feeling that you cheat a little on your promises.

  • Dimi from Brizy

    Hey Philippe, 

    Thanks for jumping in, please take a deep breath. No one changed anything.

    I understand your frustration, but we can't put the cart before the horses sorry.  

    The WooCommerce builder was always on our list and it will get done, but there were and still are a couple of things that are more important than the WooCommerce builder. 

    An example would be the theme builder. That we are completing very soon. 

    The work on WooCommerce already started but as you may imagine is not something that can be done over the weekend. Especially if we want the true Brizy experience. 

    That being said, let me assure you no one is focusing on Brizy Cloud more. I think I've said this time and time again, there are 3 teams that work in Brizy: The Builder team, the WordPress team and the Cloud team, they have totally different skill sets no one is taking anything from the other. 

    Hope this gives some insight. 

    As for being with us right from the start, I thank you for that, you did a great deal nevertheless, getting the lifetime license at $199 (I think). it's $299 now and it will increase again soon.

    All the best, 
    Dimi, Brizy co-founder

  • Philippe Cuq

    Hi Dimi,


    Thanks for the quick answer.

    Yes i'm frustrated because i want to use Brizy and i can't.

    I do make e-commerce websites and i do need the woocommerce builder. And i don't like Divi, Oxygen or Elementor (this one's i start to like it)

    So, yes i am expecting it. I know it's not for the week-end, i was just expecting a number of weeks or months to be annonced because you do not communicate like you were doing at the beginning.

    I was just expected that.

    But i feel pointed by you today : remindering the price i paied for your not existing product at that time it's offencing. Really.

    I put the money on the table without knowing if you were able to do it. And some of us did. So you were able to have the ressources to build Brizy. I bought a promise and i can understand your issues. I can understand that what i expect is not on your dutyline. But you have to communicate. And i disliked your spit on my face. Not a way to talk to a customer.


  • Dimi from Brizy


    I think you are exaggerating about the spitting in the face, come on. 

    We are grateful for all our early adopters, thanks from the bottom our hearts. I mean it. 

    I think we are communicating enough, these times are a bit challenging for everyone, we are doing our best. The team is pushing as hard as ever working from home. 

    Not sure you follow our webinars, we held two at the beginning of the year: 

    Brizy WordPress in 2020 -
    Brizy Cloud in 2020 -

    The WP one touches on the grand plan for the year, where we discussed WooCommerce and that we plan it for this year. I'm not sure what made you think it would be fast, I never said, again, NEVER said when it will be done. I said it is on the list, I said we started to work on it. When it will be ready we'll release it. 

    Anyway, if you can't stand it, I can offer you a full refund right now. i would prefer not to do it, but know that this is on the table if you feel the investment you've made is not worth the wait for the WooCommerce builder. 

    Let me know. 


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