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  • Sandra Prunici


    Could you give more details regarding what you try to release?

    If you are about the link redirection, all seems to work fine, but will be great if you will give more details regarding this!

    If you want to connect the form with your Gmail (personal) account, unfortunately, at the moment this option isn't available, but our team are working on its integration. 

    At the moment you can connect the form with one of the form integration we already added for Brizy Cloud.

    Best regards,


    Brizy Customer Support

  • Sebnem Ozilhan


    Thanks for your help. Yes, I've tried to redirect my personal gmail address:(
    I've just wanted to get the messages. By the way, I couldn't see the redirected link properly which was you sent example link ( Is it a brizy cloud link?
    I'd like to get my messages in the easiest way. Should I use a plugin like MailChimp etc? 
  • Sandra Prunici


    Yes, the screenshot I send to you is from Brizy Cloud. It is working in such a way, after the form is completed correctly and the user click on the "Submit" button, first of all, the message is send and after this, the user is redirected to the indicated link. How is working this option in your case?

    Regarding the integrations - yes, it is the best solution for the moment. You can integrate the form with one of the Brizy Integrations and in such a way you will receive emails not only in the Brizy Leads but also in your account.

    Hope I helped you!

    Best regards,



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