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MAJOR Load Issue with Mobile Safari & Chrome AND Safari on Mac and NO Support Help



  • Brizy Builder

    Hey Mat,

    I feel you man. Sorry for this. Apple, they do some things right, Safari is not one of them especially in this regard. It renders all the CSS parameters even if they are set on none, or 0. As opposed to normal browsers like the rest that ignore (as they should).

    This constant interpretation of CSS interferes with the rendering of the page in Safari. 

    Anyway, I'll not bore you with the tech, this is already fixed and will come in the next update that we plan in the next weeks. The reason why our support told you in a week is because we wanted to push an update to the Cloud but decided push the update abit as we want to introduce a couple of more fixes and improvements. 

    The good part is that you have to do nothing about it, once the update is up your website will just work in Safari the same as in Chrome and others. 

    Thanks for your patience and understanding. Hang in there a bit more, It will get fix in the next Cloud update.


  • Daniel Klotz


    that sounds promising. We noticed the same over here which might annoy many of the affected visitors. Hope it will be fixed very soon!


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