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Affiliate features?



  • Dimi from Brizy

    Hey, Rory, 

    Thanks for dropping by and please accept my apologies for the late reply. 

    Currently we have an affiliate program for Brizy - but it is for what sales you make through your links. So basically you'll put your affiliate links out there and get 30% on any Brizy Cloud  purchase made by someone else. 

    Is this what you are looking for ? If yes just apply there and we'll approve your affiliate account asap. 

  • Rory Silva

    Hi Dimi,

    No problem. I understand you guys are really busy.

    I wanted to know if the Brizy Cloud would have an affiliate feature for my own products.

  • Dimi from Brizy

    I understand, maybe. Don't know yet to be honest. This wasn't discussed within the team yet. We have some many things on our list and my colleagues are pushing hard to bring everything together this year that we kinda left this for later on. 

    We'll have a white label for Brizy Cloud, the first step would probably be to let you brand the dashboard and redirect the domain to it will show like it is your domain instead of And maybe the next step is to extend this to let you sell it ? together with an affiliate program for your users ? (Don't know. I'm just thinking out loud here.. We'll see.)

  • Rory Silva

    I understand there is A LOT going on over there. I'm sure it will mature into an amazing product.

    These are things that competitors are doing that you may want to keep an eye on:

    white label (remember white label training needs generic videos with no logos, etc)
    affiliate features on products
    membership websites
    basic CRM
    tagging customers on form submission
    bulk email from CRM
    funnel options
    checkout and payment (subscriptions too)
    customer website forms that collect data and display on website template (like company name, location, etc)

  • Dimi from Brizy

    Will do, thanks for the suggestions. 


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