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Unable to use a content block template



  • Adithya

    Please let me know how I can fix this.

  • Bogdan Condurache

    Hello Adithya,

    indeed, that block has an issue which will be rectified with the next update. We are aware of the issue and will be fixed soon. For the moment, there is no way to use it in your page other than to recreate it using the tools included.

  • Adithya

    Thanks for the update, possibly when it will be fixed??

    Also, I would like to show case/preview blog posts - I was unable able to find a suitable block, which one would you recommenced or are there any plans to add options for the same as a category? Gallery blocks are more suited for images. 

  • Adithya


    Any update on this? This seems to be not fixed yet. 

    It will be great if we can use this template

  • Dimi from Brizy

    Hey, we are releasing a beta build today, with the update coming as soon as our beta crew tests the beta and we iron out all issues. This update will contain a fix for that block. 

    You can easily reconstruct that part of the block by using the dynamic content from Brizy. 

    I had a webinar last week on how to create a blog post template and blog post article page using Brizy. That will help with learning the dynamic toolset in Bruzy. 

    Here are some links: 

    How to works with global headers and footers -

    How to create blog post templates -

    Hope this helps. 


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