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How can I make a block in Brizy Cloud sticky?



  • Bogdan Condurache

    Hello Tony, you can make a header block sticky by opening the Block options, and pressing the left-hand side icon to get to it. Just like in this screenshot: - and basically you can design anything you want in that block (with all the elements and tools available in Brizy). But it only works with header block types, which you can add from the Blocks adder popup.

  • Aaron Boddy

    He basically telling you. that the standard CSS doesnt work and that you have to pay for such a simple feature 

  • Alex

    Hey Arron,

    Basically, Bogdan tells you that you are free to use your inventiveness and to use the header block as a simple block, so you can have a sticky section.

    At the moment there is no option to make a sticky section, but with some inventiveness, you can "overcome" this limitation. We do not offer custom paid work on Brizy, so there is no intention of "you have to pay for such a simple function".

    btw: we have this on our to-do list so you'll soon have such an option in Brizy Builder.

  • Harry K.

    The problem with sticky is nested div's. A block is always nested with brizy because the page is wrapped in a div with the ID mm-0. Now if the parent div has an overflow:hidden then sticky won't work. To solve this you also need to add this code to your page / website:

    #mm-0 {
    overflow-x: visible !important;
    overflow-y: visible !important;
    and this css code to your block:
    #sticky-div  {
    position: -webkit-sticky !important;
    position: sticky !important;
    top: 0px !important;
    where sticky-div is your block name in the advanced tab of your block settings
  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi Harry,

    Thank you for sharing this information with us.

    Best regards, Nelea.



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