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Brizy causing Fatal Error




  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi Alex,

    Thank you for your message.

    I created a private ticket on this request. You had to receive a notification regarding this by email. Could you send to us in that private message the WP credentials to this site? We will check this problem from the dashboard.


    Best regards,


  • Mirosław Osowiec

    Roszę o odpowiedz jak to naprawić mam to samo:

    Artfoll – Sprawdź jakie możliwości dają folie 3M – Skorzystaj z doświadczenia firmy ARTFOLL i daj się zaskoczyć

  • KC George

    Hi Mirosław,

    Can you please give us more information? 

    • Do you see this error on the website frontend or at the backend when editing a page in the WordPress Dashboard?
    • Do you see this error every time you access your project or sometimes?
    • If you see this error sometimes, do you know what were you doing when you saw the error?  

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