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Brizy + Polylang multidomain page edit problem



  • KC George

    Hi Ecor,

    Brizy licenses are assigned to a specific domain name. This could be reason why Brizy stops working when switching to a different domain. 

    Switching to the "The language is set from different domains" mode at the very end of the work is a good work around. However if you have ongoing website updates, you will need to keep changing the "URL Modification" settings over and over again. This can disrupt the website frontend.

    If the URLs of the language pages change, pages that are already indexed by Google may show a "404 File Not Found error". Depending on how long the URLs change, this may or may not affect the ranking.

    What about the option of developing two independent websites like and and add a button in the English website with a hyperlink to the Polish website and add a button in the Polish website with a hyperlink to the English website?

  • Ecor Sp.J.

    I wanted to avoid cloning and installing WordPress on various domains, but apparently it will be the most sensible option. Regards.


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