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I don't see the WooCommerce PRODUCT items in Elements



  • KC George

    Hi Ryan,

    Usually you will see product specific elements when adding a Brizy Template for Product Details. Have a look at the attached screenshot for the display condition required for the Product Details page.  

    If you have successfully added the display condition, you will see a 'Delete' option next to the condition. If you do not see the 'Delete' option, it implies that you have not added the Display Condition. Kindly click on the 'Add' button to add the condition.

    After adding the display condition, when you edit the template with Brizy, you should ideally see the product specific Brizy elements. If this does not help, kindly get back to us. We may need access to your WordPress to offer further help.    




  • Ryan Mccain

    That worked. thanks. So, I assume product is a single product and product archive is a list of products?


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