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Brizy Ai editing issue



  • KC George

    Hi Niels,

    After generating an AI website, when you see a button which says "Login/ Signup to Start Trial", click on it. AI will regenerate the website. Click on "Edit and Publish with Brizy" for the second time and see if it works. We are aware of this glitch and are working on fixing it. I have created a website using the AI builder in your account. Have a look at this screen recording

  • Niels Andersen

    Okay, I used this method and the first try threw a 500 error. Then I used the link to regenerate the site and tried it again and it worked! The only other issue is that, currently, only I can use the AI feature with my account; none of my team can use it when logged into their accounts with manager permissions. As of now we can use the feature using my account, but it's not ideal. Just wanted to make sure that your team is aware of this issue as well. 

    Thank you for your help. 


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