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Blog not displaying



  • KC George

    Hi Matt,

    The Display Condition you have added for your blog post template looks correct. After publishing the blog post template, have you clicked on the "Edit with Brizy" button and have created a Brizy design for your blog post as illustrated in this tutorial? Dynamic Template Creation with Brizy | Lesson 19

    Kindly also share with us the URL of your blog post so that we can check. If you have created a blog post design in Brizy and it does not show up in the frontend, we will need access to your WordPress Dashboard to fix it. Please add a new user to your WordPress Dashboard and send the following details to our email: 

    Please let us know  in this forum when you send us the email.

  • Matthew Gibbons

    Strange! It appears to be working now. I wonder if it was a caching issue?


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