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This site is down today



  • KC George

    Hi Nanthagopal,

    Can you give us more details about this project?

    1. Is your website hosted on Brizy Cloud or an external server using HTML Export, Server Sync or 3rd Party Free hosting option?
    2. Kindly give us the Workspace and Project Name of your Brizy Cloud project
    3. When was the last time you saw the website working well?



  • Nanthagopal Selvarajah

    1.  It is hosted in brizy cloud



    workspace: CLICKTHISCARD

    Project Name: Project #1

    Preview URL:



    3. I think 4 or 5 days back it was working.  

    I have been posting links on LinkedIn,  and there must be some few hundred link clicks.


    That should not bring the site down.

    Please let me know what went wrong.


    Thank you.



  • Nanthagopal Selvarajah

    Sorry, the domain has expired.  I have renewed it, and it is working. 



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