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block won't update


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  • Ariel H.

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    Sometimes, this occurs if you have too many revisions on a page. Having an excessive number of revisions can cause performance issues and make it difficult to edit the page with Brizy Builder.
    To check the revisions on a specific page, go to the "Pages" section and select the page you want to check for revisions. The revisions should be displayed on the right sidebar, as shown in this screenshot.

    To address this issue, I recommend trying the steps outlined in this link to see if it resolves the issue:

    In the above article offers a manual method of limiting page revisions using PHPMyAdmin, or you can opt for WP Optimize, which is easier to use.

    Please give this a try and inform me of the outcome.

    Best regards,
    Ariel H.


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