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Wishlist Woocommerce Plugin


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  • KC George

    Hi Andres,

    Looks like wishlist plugins do not work well with Brizy. I will add a request to make Brizy compatible with wishlist plugins.

    To overcome this issue in the interim, kindly consider setting up your single product pages and the Shop archive pages using your theme and for other pages like Home, Contact, About, kindly use the Default Page template. When using the Default Page Template for a Brizy page, the pages will use the theme header and the footer. 

    Kindly look at my test website In this website, the shop page and the single product pages are developed using the Blocksy theme. Wishlist is implemented using the YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin. Home, About and Contact pages use the Default Page Template. Hence these pages share the same header and footer with the Shop and the single product pages. 

    To set a Brizy page to the 'Default Page Template' kindly select the Page icon on the left sidebar and select 'Default' option under 'Page Template'. Your page will reload with the theme header and the footer. You will have to redesign the header footer using your theme. 



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