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Brizy and Blocksy harmony


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  • Kc George

    HI Magnus,

    Yes; you can use the header, footer and WooCommerce features of Blocksy along with Brizy. Blocksy is a recommended theme, featured at and works well with Brizy. It is the favourite theme among Brizy users. We are not aware of any compatibility issue between Brizy and Blocksy theme. 

    Kindly select the 'Default Page Template' option in the Brizy Editor to use the Blocksy header and footer for your web pages. 

  is developed using Blocksy header & footer, WooCommerce and Brizy. Kindly check it out.

    My test website is developed using the Blocksy starter site 'Homi'. This site also uses Blocksy header, footer, WooCommerce and Brizy (This is not a functional website and it does not sell anything.)

    Kindly get back to us if you have more questions 


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