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Worldpress supported versions


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  • Kc George

    Hi Robert,

    Please have a look at this article Should You Install Plugins Not Tested With Your WordPress Version? 

    Brizy plugin releases precede a lot of testing usually on the latest WordPress versions. Once a Brizy update is released, it is being rolled out to thousands of client production servers. After an update is released, any bugs that the developers were unable detect will become apparent and we release hot fixes to fix those bugs. If you are installing an update after 3 weeks of a release, you can be assured that it is tested thoroughly on the latest WordPress versions.

    According to the above article, there's a chance that our developers may not update the readme file, which would explain why you might get a notification that the plugin isn't compatible with the newest versions of WordPress. This should not be a cause of worry.

    By the way it says at that Brizy plugin is tested up to WordPress 6.4.3


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