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Capture image on my homepage



  • KC George

    Hi Nick

    Please try the following CSS code to move up the reCAPTCHA label so that it does not overlap with the chat widget. Feel free to adjust the height in the code.  

    /* Move reCAPTCHA v3 badge up */ 
    .grecaptcha-badge {
    bottom: 90px !important;

    Kindly paste this code under CMS- Project Settings - Code. Have a look at this screenshot


  • Nick Blewitt

    Hi thanks but this still looks clunky and gets in the way. is there any way of putting this in the footer as a static image.Is there no way to remove it completely?

  • KC George

    Hi Nick,

    To disable the reCAPTCHA, please set the data-recaptcha value to "false" in your Sendfox Embed form

    <form method="post" action="" class="sendfox-form" id="3o752v" data-async="true" data-recaptcha="false">



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