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Is new subscription purchase going to work



  • KC George

    Hi James,

    On November 28, 2022, you purchased a subscription to Freelancer Cloud, which granted you access to 20 Pro websites hosted on custom domains. You now have access to five more Pro websites because you recently purchased another Freelancer Cloud plan. You can now create 25 Pro websites with these two subscriptions in your account, and you can publish such websites using custom domains. You can publish 22 PRO websites in addition to your current three PRO projects.

    You can identify if a project is PRO or FREE by the Pro and Free labels on the project thumbnails. 


    You can upgrade a FREE project to PRO and vice versa by clicking on the 'Activate' and 'Downgrade' options available in the project thumbnails.


    You said "Please update me on what I should expect next month when the Black Friday 2022 subscription expires" Looks like you have not cancelled your last years monthly subscription of the Freelancer Cloud plan and it is scheduled to renew tomorrow. Until you cancel the last year's subscription, it will not expire. You can publish only 5 PRO websites if you cancel the previous year's subscription.

    If you have more questions, please get back to us.  

  • James English

    Thank you for the reply. Its one of the clearest answers I've ever gotten from Brizy. That said - are you positive the 20 sites deal I purchased last year (as you mentioned) will continue in 2024? There is a message in my admin panel that reads:

    "You have legacy subscription. Please contact us in order to upgrdate to the new plans. Please specify your id: 479528"

    ...and yes, that is a direct copy/paste so the word "upgrade" is misspelled. The ticket I had with Brizy just a few days ago did not give me the confidence that my 20 sites deal would continue, thus I purchased the "new" 5 sites deal. I never wanted 25 sites, I just wanted to not lose any existing sites. If the 20 sites deal will continue to be a plan I can stay on and billed at $17.40/month - I'm happy with that, and would like to keep only that. If that is the case - can I get a refund for the new 5 sites plan which I apparently never needed to purchase?

    Again - I'm happy with the 20 sites plan I purchased last year. I currently barely use it but that's a benefit for Brizy (customer paying for but not really using resources). I will eventually add more named sites, but not immediately. Thank you for your guidance.


  • KC George

    Hi James,

    Yes; the Personal Cloud subscription with access to 20 PRO websites you had purchased on November 28, 2022 will continue as long you do not cancel the plan. If you would like a system notification to confirm that you have access to 25 PRO websites, please do this. Select the 'Activate' option in the project thumbnail of a FREE project. 

    You will see a system notification which confirms the number of currently available PRO websites in your account. 

    The statement in your account "You have legacy subscription. Please contact us in order to upgrade to the new plans. Please specify your id: 479528" is a bit misleading . Please interpret it as "In case you want to upgrade to a new plan, please contact us and specify your id: 479528" This applies to you only if you are interested in upgrading to a different plan. 

    Yes; you can request cancellation and refund for the new Personal Cloud subscription with 5 PRO websites if you like.


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