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  • KC George

    Hi Seb,

    You have two accounts with us and these are the subscriptions and associated privileges in each account. 


    In this account, you have 2 subscriptions 

    1. Brizy PRO WordPress Lifetime
    2. Brizy Cloud Studio subscription which has expired in September 2022. In this account, you can continue to use the PRO features in the Brizy Cloud Editor and publish using HTML Export, 3rd Party Free hosting and Server Sync. However since you have discontinued this subscription, you cannot publish using the custom domain option.

    If you are signing into Brizy Cloud using the above email address, you will see a notification to upgrade to a Pro plan when attempting to publish using custom domain.    


    You are subscribed to the Brizy Cloud Agency plan in this account. You can publish up to 100 sites using custom domains. You also have access to 100 workspaces. Please sign into this account to publish using custom domain.


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