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Carousel with custom post



  • Bruno Blanke

    Link to page:

  • KC George

    Hi Bruno,

    I have setup a Custom Post Type by the name 'Movies' and I am able to display movies belonging to a specific category using the Carousel element. Please see this page.

    Can you please get back to us with these details?

    • What CPT plugin did you use to setup your CPT?
    • Have you setup taxonomies for your CPTs?

  • Bruno Blanke

    Hello my friend, I understand what you mean, and it really works for lists of posts, however, my problem is when the list is a carousel, in this case the options do not appear.

    I'm using the Pods plugin.

    I sent a print showing how it works in the normal list, to know that the plugin is ok, it doesn't just work in the carousel.

    Is there any solution for this case, using custom posts in the carousell?

  • Ariel.H

    Hi Bruno,

    Thank you for the update.

    I tried to reproduce the issue, it appears to be working. However, please note that the post content may not be visible in the editor itself. To see the custom post content in the carousel element, you would need to preview the archive. This is demonstrated on this screencast:

    Additionally, please ensure that you have properly set up the taxonomies for your custom post types, as mentioned by KC in our previous reply.

    Please try this and let me know how it goes.

    Best regards,
    Ariel H.


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