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Brizy contact form option for gmail account


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  • KC George

    Hi Edgar,

    When you send out email notifications, email servers are likely to mark messages sent this way as SPAM, so these messages may not reach the recipient. Please consider these best practices to avoid having your mail rejected by mail servers.

    1. Subject: Please don't omit the subject line. Give a meaningful subject. You can include a subject, such as "Contact Form."
    2. From Email: Make sure the 'From" Email' you use has the same domain as your website. The 'From Email' field on a form hosted at can be or
    3. From Name: This field must not be left empty. Give a meaningful 'From Name' 

    Looks like Google has discontinued the less secure option to send email through their SMTP servers. Your only option now is to use a Google App Password. It will take only a minute to generate a Google App Password; here is the procedure

    Try setting up Email Notification through the Gmail option using your personal Gmail account and your Google app password initially. It you are able to receive email notifications, then you can request your client to replace your personal Gmail with his. You can also share the procedure to setup the app password with him.

    After following these steps, if you still have trouble receiving Email Notifications in your email, please get back to us. We will do it for you.


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