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Translating Brizy templates with Polylang



  • KC George

    Hi Alejandro,

    Unfortunately, Brizy Blog Templates do not work with Polylang. Brizy and Polylang have not worked out compatibility for blog templates.

    You may need to consider an alternate multilingual solution for your website. The 'WPML Multilingual CMS' plan supports different Brizy Templates for different languages. The 'WPML Multilingual Blog' plan does not support this feature. You will also need to install the 'WPML String Translation plugin' for this feature to work. Please have a look at this page for a comparison of the two WPML plans.

    Please have a look at This website has multilingual blogs using Brizy and WPML Multilingual CMS version.

  • Alejandro Strocen

    Thank you very much for your help George.
    I'll try WPML then.
    All the best

  • Marco Bevilacqua

    Hello George,

    on my website I installed "WPML Multilingual CMS" but I can't see the different languages on the Brizy Templates page. "WPML String Translation plugin" is active.




  • KC George

    Hi Marco,

    Can you please check if you have enabled translations for blog posts under WPML - Settings - Post Types Translation?

    Please also select All Languages in the WordPress admin bar


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