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Totally Disappointed With Your Service



  • KC George

    Hi Parth,

    We are sorry that you are not able to connect your domain name to your Brizy Cloud project. Can you elaborate the issue you are facing in more detail?

    1. What happens when you try to add a custom domain to your Brizy Cloud project? Do you get an error?
    2. What is the URL of your website?
    3. What is the domain you are trying to add?   
  • Parth Nagar

    1. I Added My Domain And Also Added DNS Record Which Will Provided By You, In My Domain Provider. And From Your Side Showing Me Green Signal ✅ Both DNS record added Successfully But... But... But.... When i Search This Domain In browser, They Showing Me Error Because Brizy Provided And hosted On Wrong URL, They Provided 


    2. { Thats the URL Which Is Provided By Brizy }


    3. { Thats The Domain Which i Want To Add }


    Please Help Me Fast because i purchased 1 month Primium Plan And 2 Days Gone, I Didn't Complete Any Work For My Client, Please Solve this ..............

  • Permanently deleted user


    Thank you for contacting us.

    We have replied to you in this post. Please let's keep the discussion in one post.

    The domain names and seems to work fine. 

    Best regards, Nelea.


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