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Cannot edit icons




  • Mihai Coslet

    Dear Zunaid Khan, try deactivating Astra, because brizy icons are in .txt format, and astra blocks this format.

  • Zunaid Khan

    Thanks Mihai.

    This is really strange as this is an Astra starter site loaded so I would have expected it work well with Astra.

    Nevertheless, I changed to the 2020 theme and now the icons load but it won't change:

    Am I doing something wrong here ? 

  • Andrey Skakunov

    Hello! After updating the Astra theme, icons were no longer displayed on two sites, everything and everywhere. The "close" cross icon. Checkboxes, button icons, everywhere. What is the problem?

  • Alex

    Hi guys,

    I have created private tickets, so please send your login details there and we will look into it. Thanks.

  • Chris Horton

    Add me to the list. Brizy Pro WP

    Things I've tried:

    Checked for updates

    Deleted Page Cache

    Tried icons from all sets

    Deactivated all plug-ins

    Changed theme from Astra to Blocksy

    This is happening on two of my sites that I have tried to change the icon. The default icon (the star) shows up, but will not display when the icon is changed. Sites with unchanged icons are still showing up. I should add that I can see the icon UI, but just can't change them.


  • Alex

    Hi Chris,

    I have created a private ticket regarding your request. You have to receive an email notification.


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