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Quiz/survey builder



  • Dimi from Brizy


    Thanks for the kind words.

    You can create quizzes and surveys, all the fields are there in the contact form to support it. 

    What you can't do yet is break the form on steps, but are are thinking how to add this functionality.

    I've added this suggestion on our public roadmap here:

    Feel free to contribute there with any ideas, examples of what you are trying to do. That will help us understand the need and how to implement it in Brizy when it will come to extending the contact form.


  • Adam Lockwood

    Hi Dimi, has there been any update to the Quiz question about breaking the form on steps?


  • Alex

    Hi Adam,

    this is on the list and has not been implemented yet.

  • Carlos Aramburo

    Would love to see the ability to create fun quizzes. I'd pay extra to add that to my pro. 

  • Tyler Yanta

    I landed here wondering if Brizy Cloud did quizzes. I'm looking to create a simple sentence where there are two percentage values. The idea is that the user would guess the two percentage values from a set number, say, 10% to 100% in 10% increments then be able to check if they are right, try again or reveal the answer. 

    I'm guessing that's not a thing currently doable but I'd love to see that functionality one day! 

  • Den B


    Thank you for your suggestion. We can't guarantee if this will be implemented, however, we'll take this in consideration. 

    Best regards,

  • Julius Mcgee

    Is there an update on the Quiz Builder , I would really get away from CF 

  • Den B

    Hi Julius,

    Thank you for your message.

    Unfortunately, at this moment we do not have any updates regarding this feature. Stay tuned for the updates.

    Best regards,


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