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Page load times too slow



  • KC George

    Hi Elhadji,

    Have a look at the performance report of your website from GT Metrix at Overall page performance looks poor.

    Kindly disable these plugins temporarily and check if the website speed improves. 

    • Jetpack
    • Jetpack Boost
    • GTranslate

    Time To The First Byte is 3 seconds which is higher than usual. Are you using a Cache plugin? If not, please install a cache plugin and check if the performance improves. You could try WP Optimize

  • Elhadji Malick Cisse

    Hi George, thank you very much for your feedback,

    I've done the tests, deactivating the requested extensions, but it doesn't change much.

    In fact the problem is mainly with these two pages: and

    not only do they take a long time to load, they also change the layout of the elements on the page (see PJ)


    How the page is displayed 👇


    How it appears in the brizy modification 👇


    Thank you in advance for your feedback

  • KC George

    Hi Elhadji,

    The page loads well at my end. I see this design

    We would like to have a look at your WordPress Dashboard to offer further assistance in improving the site performance. You could also consider creating a staging site and giving us access to the staging. Please add a new user to your WordPress Dashboard and send the following details to our email: 

    Please notify us in this forum when you send us the email.

  • Elhadji Malick Cisse

    Hi George

    I have sent you the connection details in the e-mail indicated.


  • KC George

    Hi Elhadji

    Deactivating Jetpack, Jetpack Protect and GTranslate appears to increase the performance of the page marginally. Please see this comparative report with and without the plugins.

    I don't see a lot of scope for further performance optimization on your website. Are you hosting with Have a look at the performance report of the hosting provider website at Their website homepage performance is similar to yours. Poor hosting resources could be a possible cause for the poor performance of your website. Have you come across examples of fast loading websites hosted by your hosting company? 

    Please reconnect Jetpack with (I had to deactivate the plugin for testing)

  • Elhadji Malick Cisse

    Hello George, thank you for your feedback

    Yes, the host is Sonatel; it supplies the university directly, which in turn supplies us.

    Now that you mention it, it's probably due to the hosting resources because the university's site ( seems to take as long as ours. 

    So I'm going to get in touch with the resource people.

    Thanks again for your diligence!


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