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Link to block (page anchor) doesn't travel far enough



  • KC George

    Hi Miro,

    (1) Yes; for the first time the page loads, when the anchor button is clicked, it does not scroll to the anchored block. This usually happens for longer pages when the page is still being loaded. What about the option of moving the button closer to the anchored block (instead of placing it above the fold)?

    (2) We apologize for the inconvenience. This is due to a bug with the translation feature. Hyperlinks added using the Brizy Link tool link to the page in the default language irrespective of the selected language. We are working on a fixing this bug.

  • Miro Tommack

    Hi KC,

    (1) Unfortunately, the button needs to be above the fold. Isn't there a possibility to enable a script that, once the button is clicked, will load the blocks until the anchored block in the background before the journey down the page starts?

    (2) Thanks for the info. I'll wait for the fix then.

  • KC George

    Hi Miro

    We regret that there is no option to alter the page loading behavior.


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