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Create a "universal" block that can be updated once for site-wide results, but is not location-specific and does not need conditions to display



  • KC George

    Hi Natalie,

    Placing of global blocks at different positions of the body of the page is possible. For instance, please have a look at the position of the following ad in 5 different pages of You can import a global block to a page and place it wherever you like (within the page body)  

    Placing the global content block above the header may not work well with Brizy. However within the body of the page, you can place it in different parts of the page.

    Would you say that the above implementation is somewhat similar to what you have envisioned as a new feature?    

  • Natalie Foster

    Sort of. It does appear in different parts of different pages.

    However, I'm decently certain that the way this happened here is by using "conditions" in global blocks. This is NOT what I'm talking about. I want a block which functions like a global block, WITHOUT conditions.

    To use "conditions" for the placement of global blocks, tags and categories have to be added to individual pages and posts to tell the global block when to display or not display.

    This makes the backend of a wordpress site very complex and clunky.

    If there was an interconnected block that could be placed without conditions, just saved to the block library and then added or deleted on a per-use basis on each page or post, then the possibilities open up for things like advertisements, announcements, etc. It would not need to interfere with the tags and categories on the Wordpress backend, it would just be a block that could be added or deleted same as any other, except universally updated throughout the site when needed.

    Right now, if I try to use global blocks this way, I have to create a complex set of conditions (tags, categories) and even then mark individual pages as included or not included. This is clunky, complex and difficult.

    I understand that this is probably a high-code ask, but I hope Brizy will consider something like this because the ease of use (and the usefulness) to users is very high.


  • KC George

    Hi Natalie,

    To use 'conditions' for the placement of global blocks, you don't need to add tags and categories to individual pages and posts to tell the global block where to display or not display. The Display Conditions are set by selecting specific pages and posts as in this screenshot.

    Please watch this screen recording for the procedure to add global blocks in different parts of the page for advertisements, announcements, etc.  As you can see, there are no complicated steps other than just importing the global block to specific pages. 

    Does the global block implementation look somewhat similar to what you have envisioned as a new feature?


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