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Images are not resizing



  • KC George

    Hi Nuno,

    We apologize for this inconvenience. Please use these links to roll back to the previous versions.

    Please follow this procedure to roll back.

    1. Deactivate and delete Brizy Pro
    2. Deactivate and delete Brizy
    3. Download Brizy 2.4.18 and in your WordPress Dashboard under Plugins - Add New - Upload Plugin, upload Brizy
    4. Download Brizy Pro 2.4.17 and under Plugins - Add New - Upload Plugin, upload Brizy Pro
  • Johann Hildebrandt

    got the same issues, also some images were deleted, are you guys already working for a fix?

  • Daan Sitters

    I have the same problem 

  • Daan Sitters

    How far are you in solving this problem?

  • KC George

    Hi Johann and Daan,

    By the time our developers look into this bug, develop a fix for it, do the testing, include it in a release and it becomes available as part of another update, it could take a few weeks to a month. 

    Rolling back to the previous version would be ideal as a temporary solution.


  • Nuno Soares

    Thank you, it works and fixed the issue.

  • Chartron Grégoire

    A few weeks or a month to fix and for the update ?


  • Mark Draper

    This update needs to be pulled from the plugin store, I forgot to turn off auto update after fixing the issue and the buggy new version got auto installed overnight.  

    Also I've not seen any official warning about this issue, I'm sure there are users who've not spotted the problem yet, an email should be sent, FB post made (by Brizy, not community members) etc.

  • Basharat Reyaz

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks a lot for your patience, we just released an update for Brizy WordPress to fix all the issues that were caused by the last update. Please update the Brizy plugins and let us know if you face any other issue.

    Regards, Basharat


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