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Some facts for a review


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  • KC George

    Hi Terry,

    Let me go over your questions.

    1. What software language is Brizy written and compiled in e.g. c++, JavaScript etc. Like all other WordPress plugins, Brizy WP is built on PHP technology. We use React JS in the front end. 
    2. How many active users and subscribers do you have on a monthly basis? As you can see here, Brizy has 90,000 + active installations. 
    3. What, if any are the plans for future developments with the Brizy WordPress platform? You can see what we are currently developing and what is in the pipeline from our public roadmap at
    4. How would you describe Brizy if you had to make an elevator pitch? "No-code' website builder for agencies & web pros"
    5. Are there plans for support on the weekends? We do not have an immediate plan to offer support during the weekends. We may consider this in the future.
    6. How many people actively work on the Brizy team and are there growth plans we can share? As you can see here we have around 40 employees and we have several vacancies and we hope to recruit more staff to fill up those vacancies.    

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