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Templates pages for portfolio do not function, gives error 404 page not found. Wordpress has send a message with a critical error in Brizy.



  • KC George

    Hi Bertie,

    Let me restate what I have understood

    1. You have added portfolio to your website using a Portfolio plugin
    2. You were displaying single portfolio and portfolio listing using Single and Archive Brizy templates
    3. The portfolio templates are now giving 404 page not found error

    I have a question as well. When you say "All portfolio's are gone in dashboard" do you mean the portfolio you had added to the Portfolio plugin are missing now?

    We need access to your WordPress Dashboard to help you with this problem.  Please add me as a user to your WordPress Dashboard if you need assistance with this. My email: As shown in this screenshot:, please turn on the option "Send the new user an email about their account"

    Please let me know here when you send me an invitation.

  • Bertie Franke

    I didn't use a portfolio plugin. The map portfolio's is missing from my dashboard.

    I have added you as a user on my website.

  • Bertie Franke

    Problem is solved. I had changed themes and this has caused the vanishing of the portfolio.

  • Nelea


    Ok, thank you for your reply and for updating us regarding this inconvenience! Great to know that all is working fine on your site now.




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