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Anchor Link Strangely Behaving


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  • KC George

    Hi Steven,

    You have added these anchor links to header. 

    1. Testimonials: /home#above-testimonials
    2. Contact Us: /home#space

    In your WordPress Dashboard under Appearance -Menus, can you please modify your anchor links to these (without 'home') and check if it makes a difference?

    1. Testimonials: /#above-testimonials
    2. Contact Us: /#space

    To help you with one block overlapping into another at we will need access to your project. Please add me as a user to your WordPress Dashboard if you need assistance with this. My email: As shown in this screenshot:, please turn on the option "Send the new user an email about their account"

    Please let me know here when you send me an invitation.


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